News Around the Region

News Around the Region

Livingston Loves Bees!

On another note, Livingston continues their "No Mow May" tradition. As a Bee City USA® affiliate, the city is joining with other cities and campuses nationwide to improve their landscapes for pollinators. Montana is home to several hundred species of bees and pollinators, including the rare Western bumblebee, which lives within the city limits. However, research shows significant declines in population size, with up to 40% of the pollinators at risk of extinction in coming years due to environmental stressors. Planting native wildflowers and plants helps foster a healthy home for the bees, but if that isn't possible, not mowing your lawn is an easy, cost-effective way to feed the bees! For more information, go to Livingston, Bee City USA ®.

Montana Chamber of Commerce Brings Convergence 2024
May 21-22, Hotel Finlen and Butte Depot, Butte

Join the Montana Chamber of Commerce along with 150 of the state's leaders in outdoor recreation, tourism and community development. As part of the celebration of National Travel and Tourism Week, this year's Convergence looks at how tourism, one of the state's leading industries, intersects with film and outdoor recreation. To register, go to:

Congratulations to Livingston: Film Community of the Year!

Once again, Livingston has earned the honor of Montana's Film Community of the Year. With its picturesque backdrops, Montana Film Ranch, and hardworking community collaborators, this quintessential Western town is a favorite among filmmakers, strongly boosting the local economy when filming takes place. Leslie Feigel, President and CEO of Livingston Chamber of Commerce, accepted the award at the Governor's Conference on Tourism. Kudos to all! 

News Around the Region

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